February 16, 2018

A new life for me

Sasho S. was born in 1976 and is a child without parents who spent most of his life in a foster family and in the Home for Children and Youth. Temporary he was placed in the institution in the village. Kondovo, but in 2003, due to lack of proper living conditions, Sasho is leaving and seeking temporary housing in Skopje. During his entire trip, he had support from the Red Cross, but said that it was difficult and that he needed more support from the institutions in the country. Today he is a vendor of the magazine “Face to Face”, and the City Red Cross of Skopje gives financial support for rent for the space in which he lives. “It’s more fun for me when I work,” says Saso, “I feel useful and get to know people. I would be very happy to get a social apartment and I believe that then I would start a new life for me. “

Sasho is one of the many users to whom the Red Cross supports full integration into society.


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