September 28, 2017

Awareness raising campaign for the needs of people with visual impairments Project: “USAID and LICIF project for children with visual impairments “

Within the Center for Support of Persons with Visual Impairment, RCA-PHV projects for welfare and community assistance are being prepared. Persons with visual impairment are trained and motivated to help and develop small-scale projects to help the endangered population. Children with impaired vision have gone through several educational workshops, and have acquired training to become active and humane members of society.

Part of the everyday problems and difficulties faced by children with impaired vision in DURDMOV “Dimitar Vlahov” is confrontation with citizens who are inappropriately walking their pets in the school yard. For this purpose, from the 15th to the 21st of September, a campaign was held in the school for informing the citizens not to walk their pets in the school yard. In this way, persons with visual impairments are motivated to present their problems and difficulties that they face daily and reach directly to the population,thus raising public awareness about their needs.


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