We aspire to contribute to the creation of a society of responsible citizens with good habits where everyone values ​​what they receive and everyone contributes to the community where they live. We believe in the potential and strength that each individual brings, and we are here to contribute to the process of strengthening and social inclusion of people at risk, through different activities for the purpose of creating an ecologically clean environment.



– Provide appropriate clothing for people at risk at time

– Facilitate access to low-cost clothing for people with low-income

– Strengthen the capacities of marginalized groups

– Efficient use of excess clothing to contribute to the preservation of the environment

– Create responsible donation and spending habits

– Encouraging and creating working habits of socially endangered people

– Create jobs that aim to make the working integration process of vulnerable groups of people easier

– Promote solidarity, humanity and volunteerism


Our story:

“Kopche” is a project developed by the Red Cross as a result of many years of work in the field of donating clothes and distributing it to the most vulnerable. Annually, the Red Cross receives about 20 tons of donated clothing and helps more than 2,000 people at risk in the territory of the city of Skopje. The experience and knowledge of the needs of the people we help on one hand and the potential that we have on the other, have allowed us to supplement this program with new contents that will empower a higher level of functioning that will satisfy a greater number of citizens’ needs.

“Kopche” will create a more efficient system of distribution of clothes to people at risk, easy access to low-cost clothing for all citizens in order to preserve the dignity of those who have low incomes and do not seek help, employment of vulnerable target groups and contribution to the preservation of the environment.



Instagram: kopce.skopje