About us

 The Macedonian Red Cross Youth

  • We are young people from the territory of Republic of Macedonia, who spread the main principles and ideas of Red Cross through diverse activities.
  • We volunteer for happier, healthier and more informed society in which the young people can develop as individuals and future successful world leaders.
  • Our volunteers are young people till age of 30, from different national and religious backgrounds with a common necessity for mutual friendship, comprehension and cooperation among all people, and one goal – to provide better and safer future.
  • Inventiveness, creativeness, enthusiasm, positive energy and mutual respect are just a few qualities of our volunteers.
  • Our actions are based on the needs and interests of young people from all over the Republic of Macedonia and have an aim to enable the youth to engross into the matters of great importance for humanity.
  • The whole world with all its positive and negative aspects represents the stream of our inspiration, yet the specific activities are brought about and shaped at our office at 13 Kocho Racin Boulevard, Skopje 1000.

The Structure of the Organization

  • The Macedonian Red Cross Youth are organized on national and local level.
  • Each of the local offices of Red Cross, as well as the office of Red Cross Skopje, has a youth club as a form of organization of the young volunteers.  The work of the Youth clubs is in accordance to the Rules and Regulations of the Macedonian Red Cross Youth Action and the Constitutions of Red Cross Branch offices and Red Cross of Skopje. Furthermore, each club has its own additional instructional guideline in which are described possible ways of organization depending on the club’s requirements. Due to the extensive territorial encompassment of schools and local communities, some of the clubs form smaller organizational outlets or particular executive program branches (Club 25 or Young blood donors club, Club for Education and Prevention etc.).  The latest analysis carried out in 2013, show that there are 1938 active members in 29 out of 35 youth clubs.
  • In every municipal Red Cross office, the Red Cross office of Skopje and the Chief office of Macedonian Red Cross, there is a professional in charge of the work and support of the Red Cross Youth.  In some that is a program or youth coordinator whereas in some, the Secretary or another person from its stuff holds this office.


  • National Youth Council (NYC). Macedonian Red Cross is its active member as well as one of the founders and has a “Union of Organizations” membership status.  Through the active involvement of the NYC, the Youth of Macedonian Red Cross have a chance to act with and share experience with other organizations that work on youth related issues.
  • Y-PEER. Macedonian Red Cross is a member of a network of associations which conduct peer education in compliance with the international standards. Red Cross volunteers that participate in Prevention programs, have to undergo trainings of standard modules named Y-PEER Standards.


Red Cross in Action – Promotion of Human Values (RCA-PHV). RCA-PHV program represents a motivational and recruiting tool for young volunteers, implemented in each one of the 34 RC offices and RC office of Skopje. Through a unified work system, participants have an opportunity to get acquainted with the association’s values, to gain useful knowledge and skills as well as to spend their spare time contributing to the community.

PEER Education. PEER Education is means of knowledge and skills transfer for peers in a most fitting approach for them. MRC tends to train its peer educators to convey apt notice, in a formal or informal access, towards human welfare, safety and self-protection.

  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). HIV/AIDS and STI Prevention Program, has been carried out in elementary and high schools by Red Cross Youth since 1998. There is a special MRC peer educators’ guide, what is more, the trainings are led in Macedonian and Albanian language. In 2013, there were 61 implemented workshops with 1369 participants.
  • Youth fighting against Human Traffic. MRC is a member of the Secretary of the National Human Traffic and Illegal Migration Committee, thus in line with the Committee’s Action Plan, develops preventive activities against Human Traffic.   Aiming towards raising the youth awareness on this subject, 18 Youth Clubs are holding educational workshops in elementary and high schools. There is a special MRC peer educators’ guide, moreover, the trainings are led in Macedonian and Albanian language. In 2013, there were 54 implemented workshops with 1669 participants.


Developmental Engagements/Activities

In order to upgrade the organizational capacities of its Youth Clubs, Macedonian Red Cross arranges meetings, seminars, trainings, workshops and conferences on a regular basis.  Every summer, there is a traditional training for the leaders and vice-leaders of the Youth Clubs which signifies an opportunity for knowledge and skills improvement, experience exchange and mutual initiatives initiation.   To add up, additional trainings can be organized if the Youth Clubs demand it.

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