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Participation in the General Assembly of the Norwegian Red Cross

In the period from 06 to 07, a two-member Red Cross delegation of the Republic of Macedonia, composed...>>

Expanding the Memorandum of Understanding between the Bulgarian Red Cross and the Macedonian Red Cross

Today, on October 25, 2017, the President of the Bulgarian Red Cross, Academician Dr. Hristo Grigorov and the...>>

Visit of the Bulgarian Red Cross delegation to the Macedonian Red Cross

In the period from 23rd to 25th of October, 2017, a delegation from the Bulgarian Red Cross: Academician...>>

October 18 – European Anti-Trafficking Day

The Macedonian Red Cross as a member of the Secretariat of the National Commission for Combating Trafficking in...>>

Campaign of the Macedonian Red Cross – “Think of us”

One in eight of the world’s population lives in extreme famines and poverty. People suffer more from hunger...>>

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