September 28, 2017

And small things have great significance

The youth from the Youth Club of the City Red Cross of Skopje, within the PHV Program (Promotion of Human Values) for 2017, completed a project that will change the lives of two people who needed help more. It is about cleaning and rearranging an apartment in the center of Skopje, where two people with mental disorders live. A group of several young people who worked on this project cleaned the apartment, laid laminate, sprinkled the walls and supported the colleagues of the Red Cross, and the citizens provided furniture for an easier second start. They personally engaged in the whole case and tried to ease the lives of the target groups, they actually changed their lives. The youths learned that the support of individuals in our society is important for the whole community and that they can make changes, regardless of their age.

Within the PHV program this year, 173 small projects were implemented by 1,157 youths, which helped 4,977 people

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