September 21, 2018

Prevention from Human Trafficking with accent on migrations

The past few years, the Macedonian Red Cross has been working actively in the field of Human Trafficking, with an emphasis on improving the prevention from human trafficking in the country by strengthening the capacities and raising awareness among the young population for all forms of human trafficking. Through the activities conducted in this field in several Macedonian Red Cross branches and the Red Cross of the City of Skopje, a huge contribution was made to strengthen the capacities of the Macedonian Red Cross for ensuring adequate prevention from human trafficking among the young population.

In order to promote the already existing tools and forms for educating the educators on the above mentioned topic, two representatives of the Macedonian Red Cross also participated in a workshop on the topic of Human Trafficking with accent on migrations, that took place in Ankara, Republic of Turkey, during the period from 3 to 6th of July, which was also supported by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the National Society of Turkish Red Crescent. On this workshop, the new manual for Human Trafficking was also presented, with the purpose of unifying the National Societies.

After this workshop, our National Society received great support from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies for the implementation of a project on the topic “Prevention from Human Trafficking with accent on migrations”. As part of the planned project activities, from 13-15 of September, the Macedonian Red Cross realized a training workshop for educators on this particular topic, where informational and educational leaflets on the topic were prepared and published, and the mapping of the situation in the Republic of Macedonia regarding this topic was made, in accordance with the Macedonian Red Cross and the SWOT analysis.

After the completion of the training, the trained volunteers are obliged to implement three informative workshops, two in middle school, and one in front of the local self-government units, school principals, and community associates.

There was also a guest from the Serbian Red Cross at the training who presented how their National Society implements the program and shared tools and experiences on how the youth works towards the prevention from human trafficking. 

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