July 4, 2024


Short description

The International School on Migration is intended for young people who have prior knowledge of the legal aspects of migration or a basic level of understanding of the field, i.e. interest in studying the subject area with special emphasis on the humanitarian aspect of migrations.

Through several days of theoretical and realistic presentation of the complexity of migration crises and flows, the participants will have the opportunity to enhance and/or acquire basic knowledge in the field of migrations, that is, the humanitarian emergency that they are initiating.

In addition to representatives from the Republic of North Macedonia, representatives from 13 countries will take part in the school, as follows: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Norway and Russia.

The participants will receive a certificate and will have the opportunity for future involvement in activities of the City Red Cross of Skopje related to the topic.

All costs related to participation (transportation, food, accommodation and materials) will be covered by the organizer, i.e. City Red Cross of Skopje.

The activity is supported and financed by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.



September 16-20, 2024



Training Center Solferino, Struga https://ckgs.org.mk/centar/centar-solferino/


Eligible candidates

  • Young people aged 18-25.
  • University students and/or high school students involved in the educational process in the area of social sciences. Candidates from law faculties and schools and/or subject programs in the field of migration, security, law, political science, etc. will have priority during selection.
  • The International School on Migration will be conducted in English. All participants are expected to have good knowledge of written and spoken English, and the organizer reserves the right to carry out an additional testing of language skills during the selection of candidates.


Modalities of application

Send your curriculum vitae (CV) and the application form available on the link: in English language on the following e-mails: skopje.socijala@redcross.org.mk and skopje@redcross.org.mk with indication: International School on Migration.


Final deadline for applications: August 4, 2024.

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