October 12, 2016


On 6-7 October 2016 in Saraevo, The International Committee of the Red Cross has organized a regional workshop for usage and protection of the emblem of the Red Cross and ratification of the agreements in the area of International humanitarian law by the countries where there are National societies. At the workshop there were 10 participating RC NS, representatives from ministries and representatives from ICRC.

At the workshop the representative of Macedonian Red Cross has presented that in 1993 the Republic of Macedonia has signed the Geneva Convention from 1949 with the additional protocols from 1977 (I and II), and ratified with law the additional protocol from 2005 (III) for usage of the new emblem – The Red Crystal.

 In the Republic of Macedonia the use and protection of the Red Cross emblem is provided with the Law for Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia and the Regulations for use and protection of the Macedonian Red Cross emblem that are in compliance with the International regulations of the Movement for the use of the emblem, from 1965 and revised in 1991.

Every use of the emblem that is not authorized with IHL and the domestic legislation represents misuse. Misuse of the emblem for protection cause during war threatens the system for protection provided with IHL. Misuse of the emblem for indicative purpose undermines the image in the eyes of the public which consequently reduces its protective power in case of armed conflict. Every state signature of the Geneva Conventions is obliged to undertake measures for prevention and prosecution of each misuse of the emblem in any time and must adopt regulation for the protection of the emblem.

It was stated that the Republic of Macedonia has ratified great number of Conventions related to the IHL which is a result of the activity of the National Committee for IHL that is based in the Macedonian Red Cross and initiates harmonization of the national with international legislation.

On the workshop it was concluded that national societies of the Red Cross in cooperation with the relevant ministries should initiate ratification of international agreements related to the IHL, especially activities in the plan of treating misuse of the emblem of the Red Cross according the domestic and international regulations.


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