March 19, 2019

Training for personal assistants

The City Red Cross of Skopje informs you that the Employment Agency of the Republic of Macedonia invites all unemployed registered persons aged 18 to 64 who are interested in participating in trainings for personal assistant of persons with disabilities to apply to the Agency no later than 20.03. 2019.

The training will be realized in a period of 2 months, and if the participants successfully pass the final exam they will acquire a certificate.

The persons involved in the trainings will receive a monthly compensation of 9,000.00  MKD during the training, and after the completion of the training, the assistants will be engaged, that is, connected with persons with disabilities with their employment opportunity.

The certified program for a personal assistant for persons with disabilities developed the Macedonian Red Cross, and it aims to help persons with disabilities achieve greater independence and fully fulfill their rights.

For more information 078 / 293-290 Alexandra

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