April 16, 2018

Volunteering and practicing

Ivana is a graduated social worker and for 3 years now  is a member of the team of patrol social workers at the Red Cross of city Skopje.With her coworkers of the  team she discusses everyday with the socially endangered and vulnerable people.

With the support from the Red Cross they reduce their everyday problems,and they also try to find longterm solutions and  make connections with the institutions in order to achieve certain rights.She is happy because she had the opportunity to improve her academic education because of which she became more openminded, more communicative and most importantly in her career, emotionally matured. She is also a member of DRT ( disaster relief team),and last year as a Red Cross volunteer she had the opportunity to pass the training for paramedics, organized by the military medical center. She is a joyful and a positive girl and she suggests to everyone that volunteering gives you a feeling of security and useful time.

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