July 12, 2018

100% Red Cross – Summer camp for training the young volunteers

The youth of the Macedonian Red Cross in the period from 01-07 July 2018 in Velestovo, Ohrid organized a training for acquiring knowledge and skills in the field of organizing youth in their clubs, holding meetings, creating activities, effectively transferring information, better familiarization with the structure and activities of the national society, submiting initiatives at local and national level, organizing the youth in school clubs and other matters that are important for the work of the youth clubs. 64 young volunteers from 27 Youth Clubs had the opportunity to strengthen their capacities and the capacities of their clubs for a more efficient and effective contribution to the work of the National Society. During the training, through a set of workshops, models for action were developed through primary schools, and presentations were held every day in order to exchange experiences on the work of each club.

After the camp ended, the participants got directions and duties to work in the period September – December 2018.

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