Information and communication

Public relations makes it possible to project the image of the organization to its “public” – beneficiaries, supporters, partners, donors, the local community and other audiences.

Sharing information with our partners, beneficiaries, supporters and the public

Social media of the Red Cross of RNM. The long-term commitment of the Red Cross is to openly share information with the citizens and the partners and to ensure their involvement in the key decisions and projects that have an impact on the wider social environment. The Red Cross communication strategy is based on broad community engagement and providing feedback from individuals and specific focus groups. Online communications are an opportunity for greater involvement of people in the work of the Red Cross and greater information sharing about programs and projects in the communities and opportunities for involvement in the activities of the organization.

The weekly editions of the electronic newspaper of the Red Cross Info, are a successful tool for informing our volunteers, partners, collaborators about the activities we realize on local, national and international level.

The traditional weeks defined in the Law on Red Cross, as well as a number of project activities and strategic documents within the publishing activity of the national society were regularly supplemented with brochures, flyers, posters, manuals, additional post stamps and other publications. Carrying the humanitarian messages, significant results were achieved among the target groups, and at the same time had a positive impact on raising the image of the national society. All editions are prepared in Macedonian and Albanian, and some of them in English language.

Cooperation with the media is part of the activities of the Red Cross of RNM.

Trust and communications

We are witnessing a time when it is important to provide clear, consistent and reliable information that is crucial to ensuring secure and effective communication with the population. The Red Cross of RNM invests great efforts in timely communication and transmission of messages that have contributed to the protection and prevention of the population. We did this through our traditional forms of direct communication with beneficiaries but also by incorporating sophisticated forms of communication through social and digital media. We have witnessed a significant increase in communications and engagement through the social media of the national society.

But in order to trust our messages, one must also trust the one who conveys the messages. The contribution and engagement of the Red Cross of the RNM gave us the right to believe that our reputation in the local communities is even greater. Trust in us allows us to be even more efficient. We are especially proud that in the years behind us we managed to grow into a successful organization that is part of the overall crisis management system of the country. We continue where we left off, to be the center of attention of those who need our support.

Digital transformation

The Red Cross of RSM made an impressive step in adapting to the new working reality that required virtual coordination and management of activities as well as virtual provision of some of its services. We use different platforms, and digital systems for recruiting and training volunteers, and digitally and virtually coordinating some of our activities. Remote operation has become the norm along with providing support and tackling the challenges people face. We witnessed a rapid adaptation to the new situation in the entire Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. We participated and organized virtual workshops, webinars, conferences and workshops. The digital transformation has been widely accepted, teaching us what can be achieved virtually, but also what we still need to do in direct contact with our beneficiaries of services. For us, of course, this will remain a challenge to continue to develop this system of work in the years ahead and to make sure that the benefits of digital transformation are incorporated into everyday work even when things return to normal.

We are at a crossroads between technology and the future of humanity. It changes the way we think, our views of the world, our experiences and our contribution to a better tomorrow. If we want to be better people, we need to take better care of our planet. To be the voice of humanity. To work together, for a future where humanity will be our most enduring technological trend.

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