A well-developed national society is an organization that constantly delivers relevant services in the country, through its volunteers and employees, to vulnerable target groups, which are sustainable as long as they are needed.

In a time of rapid advancement in technology and science, and on the other hand the increasing number of disasters and humanitarian challenges, it is necessary to have a modern and proactive approach in order to offer an adequate response to the needs of communities.

Our development activities are designed to enable communities to be safer, healthier and more inclusive. The nature of our services and activities is variable and it primarily depends on local needs and circumstances, as well as local capacities and opportunities for action. It is crucial that the national society through its branch organizations can identify the needs of the population and be able to respond in a timely manner with activities that will contribute to prevention, reduction of their suffering or rapid recovery, while respecting their dignity, reputation and culture.

The approach of the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia in the development of the organization is focused on the way in which the services to the target groups are developed and implemented, but also on the way in which the branch organizations and the City Red Cross of Skopje are organized and function. Diverse services build community capacity by evolving in a local context, taking into account local needs and priorities, and relying on local skills and capacity. The organization is growing from these locally responsible services.

At the same time, in the organization we strive for good digital connectivity, good management and social networking, and an organization that can learn from the accumulated experience of the Global Movement and the latest other knowledge and research. The Red Cross of RNM will be an elastic organization of changing needs and vulnerabilities.

The Red Cross of RNM with its services will be an example for the development of a well-informed and responsible organization, as well as a strong partner of public institutions, international organizations and the corporate sector, which is ready to respond to the humanitarian challenges facing the country, and at the same time ready to support the activities of other partner national societies.

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