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A member of the Red Cross is a person that formally has accepted the conditions of membership according to the regulations of the Statute or rules of the national association and has the right to be elected or to elect representatives of the steering bodies.

Membership in the Red Cross of RM is voluntary and available to all. A member could become any citizen that accepts the Statute and voluntarily signs access sheet, and accepts on a voluntary base to pay a yearly membership fee of a symbolic amount.
The members of the Red Cross can be simultaneously active volunteers and implementers of humanitarian activities. The difference is that they have a right to vote and to be elected in the Executive Boards of the organizations of the Red Cross, as well as to actively participate in the creation of the activities of the National association.

The members of the Red Cross are divided into: active members, members-subscribers, honorary members and patrons. The active members are persons that are actively participating in the work of the Red Cross and are paying the yearly membership fee. The Members-subscribers are members that are paying the yearly membership fee. The honorary members are people of the public sector in Republic of Macedonia and abroad, which with their voluntary work, especially with their deeds and donations have contributed for the development of the Red Cross. They are being elected for honorary members by the Executive board of the Red Cross of RM. Member – patron is a public figure assigned by the Executive Board that continuously helps the National Association.

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