September 19, 2016


On 16th and 17th September the Macedonian Red Cross has organized the 25th National first aid competition under the logo “First aid for and by the children”.

At the competition there were 27 teams from the Red Cross branches Berovo, Bitola, Valandovo, Veles, Debar, Delchevo, Kavadarci, Kichevo, Kochani, Kriva Palanka, Krushevo, Kumanovo, Negotino, Ohrid, Prilep, Probishtip, Radovish, Sveti Nikole, Struga, Strumica, Shtip, Gazi Baba, Karposh, Kisela Voda, Centar and Chair.

The competition was in two lines A and B, with 7 working stations out of which 4 in the area of first aid, 2 recreational and on dissemination point. At the working stations in the area of first aid there were 11 different injuries and one CPR.

For the successful organization of the competition there were hired 41 judges, 13 makeup artists, 30 simulators, 27 team guides, 6 disseminators, and five member commission for counting of points.  Additionally there were many volunteers from Macedonian Red Cross and the Red Cross Branch Kavadarci, staff members and logisticians of the Macedonian Red Cross.

At the ceremonial opening infront of the present there was addressing of the President of the Red Cross Branch Kavadarci – Mr. Dimitar Karakulev, and the President of the Macedonian Red Cross Mr. Milcho Trajkov.

The first placed team was the team of the Red Cross Branch Chair with 910 points, second placed was the team of the Red Cross Branch Kochani with 903 points, while the third place was for the team od Centar with 902 points. At the dissemination station best team was the team from the Red Cross Branch Shtip that has shown bet knowledge for the Movement, vision and the mission of the Red Cross.

At the ceremonial closing there was the speech of the President of the Organizational board of the Competition Mr. Ognen Kostovski who has read the positions of the teams while the medals and the cups for the best three teams were awarded by the Secretary General of Macedonian Red Cross Mr. Sait Saiti.

The national competition was followed by the Macedonian National Television as well as the local media K1 and KTV.

Big gratitude for the host of the competition the Macedonian Red Cross branch Kavadarci for the support and cooperation for successful realization of the 25th National first aid competition.

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