March 17, 2020

Address on the occasion of the March 17, the Foundation Day of the Red Cross of RNM and Blood Donation Day in the Republic of North Macedonia

rescue, and many other activities. In short, we were always where it was needed. We were also where it was needed when neighbors needed help, as was the case with the earthquake in Albania last year.

And in these difficult times when our country faces major public health challenge, we are there again. Where needed.

March 17th is also the Blood Donation Day in our country. Donating blood and saving people’ s lives is a high act of humanity and nobility. Thanks to the raised awareness and humanity of thousands of our fellow citizens – blood donors, many human lives have been saved. On this occasion, we would like to congratulate the blood donors, as well as our volunteers and staff for the excellent results.

In the future, we remain committed to providing effective support in all areas of humanitarian challenges to the health and well-being of citizens. We continue to provide services that are consistent with our mission and mandate. This year we mark the 75th anniversary of our organization, proud of our achievements, ready to tackle all new challenges. We are ready to learn from the past, to be prepared for the future, to be better and more successful, always in the service of our beneficiaries.

Gratitude to all of our volunteers, partners, supporters, donors and staff for the support and engagement. With you, the Red Cross will always be what it is. Hope for a better and happier tomorrow for many people in the world.

Congratulations on the occasion of  March 17, the Foundation Day of the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia and the Blood Donation Day in our country!


Your sincerely,


PhD. Sait Saiti

Secretary General

Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia

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