February 22, 2024

Assessment of the capacities of the Red Cross Branch Kumanovo

From February 20-21, a Branch Organizational Capacity Assessment was carried out in the Red Cross Branch Kumanovo. 11 members of the organization, staff, volunteers, representatives of the governing board, and representatives of local self-government had the opportunity to contribute with their experience to the identification of important areas in which there should be progress and development of the branch in order to become a strong organization.

A development plan was successfully prepared for a period of one year to achieve improvement and greater involvement of the community in the creation of plans and activities according to their needs.

Congratulations to all involved from the Red Cross Branch Kumanovo for successful implementation of the process.

The Branch Organizational Capacity Assessment is an instrument developed by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, which aims, in a structured way, to enable self-assessment of the branch organization in 34 organizational areas in operation, to recognize the level of development in the context of these areas, to determine priorities for development for the coming year and to enable preparation of development plan for the Red Cross branch organization.

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