October 4, 2018

Call for carers of the elderly and the disabled

The certified training for carers of the elderly and the disabled starts again in October

All interested persons who wish to attend the training and obtain a verified certificate are invited to apply during the period from 04.10.2018 until 14.10.2018.


Candidates must meet the following conditions:

– To be citizens of the Republic of Macedonia;

– To be over 18 years;

– Have the psycho-physical ability to work;

– Have completed a minimum of secondary education;

– To be motivated to work with the elderly and the disabled


All interested candidates can apply through email: skopje.negacentar@redcross.org.mk; tel: 070 352 246 or at the Macedonian Red Cross office on bul. “Koco Racin” no. 13, 1000 Skopje

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