Daycare centers

Statistical data: According the calculations and the projections of the United Nations every 10th person in the world is an old person on age above 60. According the same source it is expected that until 2050 each 5th person will be on age above 60. In the creation of the general overview for the older population, the Republic of Macedonia has recently passed the line in the demographic age. With 15% of older population above 60 on the Census in 2002 Macedonia has passed the number 12 % which sets us in the countries with high degree of older people present among the general population. 

Macedonian Red Cross through the implementation of the activities for care for older people, gives a great contribution for the overall efforts in the country for improving the lives of the older people in the communities.

From June 2011 Macedonian Red Cross has started to implement The project Home care for older people, with the support of Austrian RC and Austrian development agency. The goal of the project is to contribute in the improvement of the life conditions of the vulnerable older people and to strengthen the health and social system of the older people in Macedonia. Since 2013 the ongoing support for the activities is provided by EVN Macedonia. With the project there are covered total of 360 older people on age above 65 from Skopje, Veles, Kriva Palanka, Kichevo, Debar, and Struga that live alone and are vulnerable. They receive support from a team consisted of nurse and a volunteer that are providing psycho-social and health services.

In 2012 opened was A day center for older people and a center for provision of assistance for older people in their homes with the support of the City of Skopje and the Ministry of labor and social politics, that operates through the City Red Cross of Skopje. In 2014 there was opened another day center in cooperation with the Municipality Gazi Baba, and since 2015 with the support of Dauti Foundation there is another day center in the Municipality Saraj.


Location of the Day centers for older people:

  • House of the humanitarian organizations „Dare Dzambaz “;
  • Red Cross Branch Chair;
  • Old cinema in Madzari;
  • Elementary school in Saraj


Beneficiaries in their homes receive the following services:

  • Measurement of blood sugar;
  • Measurement of blood pressure;
  • Contacts with general practitioner;
  • Counseling for therapy;
  • Counseling for nutrition;
  • Escort for medical checkups;
  • Conversations and different type of social activities;
  • Food and hygiene parcels;
  • Assisting during shoping of food products and medicine.;
  • Administrative work, provision of documents etc.

Through the Red Cross branches Kriva Palanka, Veles, Negotino and Prilep there are Clubs for older people. 

Through the day centers and clubs there are implemented activities for improvement of the quality of life, health and psycho-physical state of the older people.


Services provided by the day centers and clubs for older people:

  • Educations on different topics;
  • Health-prevention services;
  • Organizing of social games;
  • Organizing of creative workshops;
  • Marking the traditional calendar activities of the Red Cross;
  • Marking holydays and birthdays;
  • Organizing joint walks;
  • Discussions for different topics;
  • Musical activities 
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