September 19, 2022

First Аid Convention in Bitola

The Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia, in cooperation with the Red Cross Branch of Bitola and the municipality of Bitola, organized a First Aid Convention in Bitola on September 17, 2022, with participation of the Red Cross branches from the whole country.

The event that was organized on the occasion of the World First Aid Day, aimed to promote the culture and tradition of the participating municipalities, and to demonstrate and simulate first aid exercises at 14 locations, from the Clock Tower to the Officers’ Home.

Citizens had the opportunity to learn about first aid as a life-saving skill, pulmonary resuscitation, administering first aid in case of fractures, and first aid in case of epileptic seizures.

The present guests, volunteers and mayors from other municipalities were greeted by the Secretary General of the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia Sait Saiti, the mayor of the municipality of Bitola, Toni Konjanovski and the President of the Red Cross Branch Bitola, Liliana Ristevska.

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