September 25, 2018

Information on the successful realization of the 27th National competition of First Aid

The Macedonian Red Cross on the 22.09.2018 for the 27th time has organized the national competition of first aid, and this time the host was the Macedonian Red Cross branch of Kicevo.

28 teams of young people from all Macedonian Red Cross branches attended the competition. The competition was held in two trajectories A and B, which consisted of 7 bases, 4 of which were intended for the first aid part, two had recreational character and 1 was intended for the dissemination part. This year the motto of the National competition “You don’t have spare lives. Learn first aid” marked the World First Aid Day, with accent on traffic accidents.

The winners of the first place this year were the energetic and very well prepared volunteers from the team of Centar, the winner of the second place was the team of Kumanovo, meanwhile the winner of the third place was the team of Cair.

In the category of dissemination, which also happened to have a competitive character, the winner of the first place was the team from Radovish.

Gifts were given to the winning teams, in order to motivate them to continue their enthusiasm and contribution in the field of first aid.

During the opening and closing ceremony of the competition, the volunteers were greeted by the President of the Municipality of Kicevo PhD. Fatmir Dehari, the President of the Macedonian Red Cross – Branch of Kicevo, Mr. Emin Zejno, and the Secretary General of the Macedonian Red Cross, Mr. Sait Saiti, while the official announcement of the winners was presented by the President of the Macedonian Red Cross First Aid Commission, PhD. Burak Shabani.

We thank all of those who have shown their great skills regarding first aid there where it is most needed. The Macedonian Red Cross and the branch of Kicevo thanks all of the participants who have contributed for the successful realization of the 27th National competition of First Aid.

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