August 5, 2021

Red Cross on the field

Team from The Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia including 6 people for logistics and assessment together with the Disaster Response Team of Red Cross Local Branch Veles including 4 people, in the evening delivered 1400 water bottles of 0.5 liters to Red Cross Local Branch Berovo to support the institutions and citizens engaged in dealing with the fire on the territory of the municipalities of Pehchevo and Delchevo.

The team also made a field visit and assessment of the situation in the vicinity of the village Umlena in order to further coordinate the activities of the Red Cross teams.

From tomorrow, the teams of the Local Branches of Red Cross Stip, Kocani, Delchevo and the team from RSNM will be in logistical support of the institutions and the citizens engaged for extinguishing the fire.

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