December 6, 2018

School and Kindergartens Safety “ERASMUS +

In the period from 28.11 until 01.12.2018 a working meeting was held in Austria – Vienna, organized by the Austrian Red Cross in the  framework of the project “Safe schools and kindergartens” financially supported by the ERASMUS + program, and as a representative of the Macedonian Red Cross attended the coordinator for Disaster preparedness and response, Ali Samet.

The purpose of the working meeting was to exchange practices and experiences of NS from the region with an emphasis on the tasks that each national society (NS) should implement separately in the framework of the project activities.

In the first part of the working meeting, representatives of the Austrian Red Cross as carriers of project presented the main objectives, sub-goals, expected results and the tasks that each NS should implement.

The project addresses climate change, frequent extreme situations such as floods, droughts, cold and heat waves that can be expected in the future. Also, the project refers to educational institutions (kindergartens and primary schools) that have legal obligations for implementation of disaster risk reduction activities, disaster preparedness, etc. which are not fully implemented. Part of the expected results of the project are: Establishment of an online first aid platform and disaster risk reduction as well as psychosocial support in emergency situations, online trainings for staff, preparation of recommendations for improvement of the legislation, etc.

The activities of the NS participating in the project are: Macedonian Red Cross: Advocacy for the purpose of institutional approach in implementation of disaster risk reduction and first aid activities in the elementary schools and kindergartens , Austrian Red Cross:

Preparation of an online platform for reducing disaster risks with a process for certification of primary schools and kindergartens, Croatian Red Cross: Developing a catalog of resources (materials, tools, etc.) to reduce disaster risks and first assistance and creation of new modules for education for the planned platform, Serbian Red Cross: Preparation and implementation of online and training face to face for teaching staff and promoters for reducing disaster risks for kindergartens and primary schools, Bulgarian Red Cross: Preparation and implementation conducting online and training face to face for teaching staff and promoters for psychosocial support in emergency situations for kindergartens and elementary schools.

In the second part of the working meeting, the representatives of the NS presented the proposal activities that should be realized during the project in order to exchange experiences, opinions and structuring the activities separately in the mentioned thematic areas in a common unit intended for all NS.

At the end of the working meeting, the preparation of the joint time frame  for the activities for each NS of the Red Cross was done, as well as a presentation by a representative of the Austrian Red Cross for the financial reporting of the project.

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