February 1, 2018

Support for the homeless

In the period from 06.12.2017 until 31.01.2018, due to the extremely low temperatures, the shelter for overnight stay was opened every day from 20:00 pm to 08:00 am. In this period, a total of 692 sleepovers were spent by 40 homeless people, who also received a meal with warm tea.

Out of a total of 692 sleepovers, 610 are realized by men and 82 by women. Of the total number of 40 homeless people, 34 are men, while 6 are women. Of these, 11 people came for the first time at the point to get the necessary things that they lack.

At the same time, teams were deployed that were ready 24/7 to respond to the field after the arrival of people found on the street in bad health by citizens, police, ambulance, clinical center, etc. 9 interventions were carried out on the field. There were total of 42 volunteers from the Disaster Response Team.

At extremely low temperatures at the homeless point, 4 Skopje restaurants donated hot stew for this target group as well as a large number of private individuals who helped with warm clothes and food for this vulnerable category. From the Red Cross, three homeless people were hired, who were also helped by paying monthly rent for housing to regulate their status as employed persons.

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