March 14, 2017


Under the project “Take action for better competitiveness in the labor market” over the past month have continued the realization of trainings for craft of 37 people, and in parallel we continue workshops for personal growth and development. The project team is in constant contact with users that provides psychosocial support and in contact with the trainers to monitor and support the process of learning the crafts if there are difficulties in the implementation of trainings.

At the end of February ends the training for three crafts that were lasting for 3 months: makeup and nail decoration, decoration and arrangement of space and hand embroidery and knitting. A total of 9 candidates during the month of March will take a final exam and acquire a certificate for the corresponding craft, and to some of them there will be presented the self-employment program and will be able to take measures offered by the agency.

One of the success stories of the completion of crafts is that of the user who completed the training for manual embroidery and knitting. It is a single mother with great experience behind her, but in the past few years despite consistently applying for a job there was no success. Only income that has this user is from the social welfare and at the moment it is stopped. She was pleased and grateful for the given opportunity to visit the training for crafts which enabled her to gain qualification, but also for the workshops for personal growth and development that helped in strengthening her personal resources and in integrating and increasing the capacity for functional response and dealing with everyday problems.

This user though has followed the required number of classes, and additionaly engaged further, in order to acquire more experience and a better mastery of the craft. The trainer was pleased with her commitment, regularity and accountability and planning in the future and working to engage the user.

The project is implemented by the Macedonian Red Cross, City Red Cross of Skopje in partnership with the Chamber of Crafts in Skopje, it is funded by the European Union under the Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013 (IPA component 4).

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