February 6, 2024

Training for PHV disseminators PHV cycle 2024

This weekend (February 3-4), a training session for PHV disseminators was held in Skopje. 37 disseminators proposed by their Red Cross branches were trained and motivated. During the training, 10 mentors were also present, who will support the disseminators through the process of creating the small projects.

In the forthcoming period, 111 trainings will be conducted, during which 1,200 young people will receive training for dissemination, development and documentation of small projects. Then, in a period of 2 months, the young people in the field will develop small projects for the benefit of the community. More than 150 small projects are expected to be developed, to enable support for 3,000.

The Promotion of Human Values program is a national program for the recruitment and retention of volunteers in the Red Cross branches. The programme is being implemented for more than 25 years in our country and has more than 30 active instructors.


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