May 16, 2019

Visit of a delegation from the Bavarian Red Cross – German Red Cross

On 15.05.2019, Macedonian Red Cross was visited by a five member delegation from the German Red Cross  from the region of Bavaria. The delegation was headed by Mr. Gernot Jungbauer, manager of the Red Cross for upper and middle Frankia. The delegation was received by the secretary general of Macedonian Red Cross. PhD Sait Saiti.

In the discussions Secretary General Saiti presented the work of Macedonian Red Cross, the services provided by the national society in the state, the financing and the key activities of the organization. The participants also discussed the cooperation between the German and Macedonian Red Cross with emphasis on the bilateral cooperation of the Macedonian Red Cross branches with Red Cross branches from Bavaria. Possibilities for expansion of this cooperation between Red Cross branches from Germany and Macedonia was also discussed.

The guests from Germany presented the activities of their Red Cross branches, with focus on the health activities and services they provide for care for older people, first aid, blood donation, water safety, mountain rescue and other active ties of the German Red Cross.

Both national societies expressed satisfaction from the past cooperation and expressed interest for implementation of joint project and initiatives in the forthcoming period.

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