May 17, 2023

151 PHV projects

At this time when young people are the target of criticism and when everyone talks about youth who have no initiative, who are stuck on social media all the time in aggressive games and tools for retouching their appearance, the PHV program for young people of the Red Cross records excellent results.

This year, 151 small projects for the benefit of the community were created by these young people in a period of 2 months. The young people did research in their community, put in volunteer hours, changed their daily routine, worked in a team, and implemented a series of activities to raise funds for the realization of their projects through which they supported more than 3,000 people in the country.

Some of the projects were for cultural promotion, environmental projects, some of the projects were intended for street animals, and a good part of the projects were targeted for socially vulnerable people, the elderly, single parents, their classmates… Institutions such as the hospitals in which the children’s departments have been renovated, centers for people with special needs, ramps have been built, houses have been renovated, many creative workshops have been released… and much more.

With every single activity, we help young people to get out of their safe zone and become proactive. To explore their capacities and possibilities and we teach them not to set limits. As Red Cross, we work on capacity building of the young people so they can cope with today’s challenges and we help them pave the way to true values.

Congratulations to all 1200 young people, to their disseminators who helped them throughout the process and encouraged and motivated them, to the Red Cross branches, to the professional services, to the PHV instructors and mentors, partners, donors… the circle of goodness is really big.

Gratitude to the media for promoting their humanitarian initiatives, because in this darkness they are the light that deserves attention.

Never doubt that a small group of enthusiasts can make a difference in the world. In fact, it is the one thing that always causes change.

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