December 30, 2022



At the end of the passing year, allow me to express special gratitude to all our volunteers, staff, our partners and supporters for the inspiring commitment and contribution to the realization of the mission of the Red Cross in the Republic of North Macedonia. Many thanks to all our fellow citizens who supported us and were with us in the implementation of our programs, projects, campaigns and activities.


We leave behind us another year with many successful achievements, in which we all contributed for the improvement of the lives of various target beneficiaries served by the Red Cross. On that path this year as well, we were faced with various challenges as a result of the overall economic and social developments, the COVID-19 pandemic, migrations and other current issues in the domain of the work of the Red Cross. Thanks to the commitment of our volunteers and staff and the continuous support of our partners, we can happily conclude that we were successful and gave our modest contribution to overcoming the overall challenges in our social environment.


We are particularly glad that our organization enjoys the trust and support in the country and the Red Cross is recognized as a worthy and proven partner in performing the auxiliary role in the country. This support was expressed by continuous financial support for the Red Cross programs, but also with the involvement of our organization in new initiatives and services that are provided to different categories of beneficiaries in the country. The position and role of the Red Cross in the Republic of North Macedonia are defined by legal decisions, but the amount of support and trust in our organization is due to our daily professional performance of our activities.


We are proud of the trust and reputation we enjoy in front of all the responsible factors and organizations the past year that highlighted and supported with pleasure the Red Cross of RNM as their partner in implementing various initiatives to improve the quality of services and support for various target groups. As a matter of fact, the results of the recent survey of public opinion about the work of our organization in the country are also in that direction, from which it can be seen that the Red Cross of RNM is a leading humanitarian organization in the country that enjoys great trust from our fellow citizens.


This year we started preparations for our transition to the next stages of development. We called the process Transformation-28. Our goal is to constantly upgrade, to be more successful, and to keep up with new trends. But also to be self-critical and invest in areas where there is room for progress and improvement. I am confident that all of us together in the period ahead of us will find strength and motivation that will bring us together to be even more efficient and responsible in the spirit of the fundamental principles and values of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.


Being part of the Red Cross is a great honor but also a responsibility. We are an organization open to everyone who wants to do a lot for people who need support through their small deeds. I sincerely hope that you will be with the Red Cross next year as well. Each helping hand makes a big positive difference in people’s lives.


At the end, allow me, on behalf of the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia, to wish you happy New Year 2023 and nice Christmas holidays filled with lots of health and happiness.


Yours sincerely,


PhD. Sait Saiti

Secretary General

Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia

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