March 21, 2023

Today, when we mark 78 years since the foundation of the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia, we remind ourselves of our beginnings, our development, but of course also the generations of volunteers and staff who contributed to the organization and were always there where needed. After all, anniversaries serve to remind ourselves and give recognition.

On this occasion, I express my gratitude to all those known and unknown who invested themselves in our organization, which today is a place of recognition, where solidarity, humanity, dignity and basic human values are nurtured.

But we were not alone on that road, we were always supported by the institutions of the system, the corporate sector, partners, citizens, donors in the country and abroad, for which I thank them on behalf of all of us at the Red Cross.

But we were not alone on that path, we were always supported by the state institutions, the corporate sector, partners, citizens, donors in the country and abroad, for which I thank them on behalf of all of us at the Red Cross.

I also thank them for their trust in walking together, contributing and helping to reduce someone’s suffering and bring a smile to people’s faces.

Comparing the world we live in with the time when the idea of the Red Cross was born, we will see that the goals of humanitarian work do not differ much, but the general situation in the world is much more complex, which requires finding new approaches for effective action in all spheres of action. We need to keep improving to adapt to a world that is constantly and rapidly changing.

Today, without a doubt, the work of the Red Cross is more relevant and needed than ever, because the world today resembles a ship sailing on a turbulent sea with many inequalities, exploitation, humiliation, intimidation, wars, natural disasters and human migrations as a result of economic, political, social and climatic conditions.

The common denominator that marks all these conditions is a lack of humanity and respect.

Hence, another big challenge ahead of us is to mobilize conscience through further promotion of advocacy instruments and humanitarian diplomacy, which will help remind the responsible institutions of their share of responsibility and in the best way we will realize the auxiliary role before the authorities in the country and internationally.

Life is often filled with pain, sadness, dissatisfaction and difficulties and makes us think if there is a reason and how good and human we can be.

But we always have only one answer……. Let’s forget about ourselves for a moment, let’s think a little about others because that’s the only way we’ll find out the need to be good….. And when a person has power to beautify someone’s life becomes spiritually rich, and by making others happy, he also makes himself happy. A person who did not know how to be humane can learn it, because that quality is not acquired by birth, but it is learned.

In fact, good deeds are much closer to human nature compared to evil. That is why we must not believe that we live in an inhumane society. Humanity and solidarity continue to be our guide and inspiration in trying to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Humanity is not said, it is shown and proved, it is not improvised, but practiced realistically and sincerely from the heart.

Our citizens in the past days have shown and proved humanity in action by manifesting a great amount of solidarity and sympathy with the sadness and powerlessness in front of the force of nature in the Republic of Türkiye and Syria.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to articulate that humanity and solidarity and convey it on your behalf to the brotherly peoples of Türkiye and Syria.


In the coming period, we continue to work on providing a more dignified life for people who need support and for a better future for our citizens, based on humane values, trying to always be where we are most needed.

I invite you to be part of our story and

As Mother Teresa said

….. If we can’t feed a hundred people, let’s feed one person – that’s how we’ll know we exist, that’s how we’ll feel alive…….


Thank you for your attention

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