August 10, 2021

Call for receiving offers

The Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia within the project:

“Integrated care and support service business development in RCNM”, supported by the Austrian Development Agency, Austrian Red Cross, Red Cross of RNM and Swiss Red Cross, announces the following open Call for receiving bids :

Procurement and delivery of 60 monitoring alarm devices for the Emergency button service

You can find the entire Call with technical requirements at the following link (pdf)

The documentation should be in a closed bid (Sealed envelope), submitted and certified by the bidder’s seal and signature of the responsible person and with the complete and correct address.

The envelope needs to be addressed to CKRSM-Archive, at Blvd. Kocho Racin no. 13, 1000 Skopje, marked with DO NOT OPEN with the Archive number for the procurement 0507-766, through the post office or to be brought directly to the RCNM HQ.

The deadline for submission of bids is 25.08.2021 (COB).

It is recommended for all Interested international entities to submit the bids via fast post office in order to save the date.

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