September 6, 2017

Celebration of the World Aid Day – September 9, 2017

September 9 (Saturday) is World First Aid Day. World First Aid Day is an opportunity to promote and advocate the commitment to possessing knowledge and skills to provide first-aid to the general public.

This year’s main topic is “Accidents in the Home” which points to preventable or unwanted injuries that can occur at home.

House accidents affect everyone, regardless of their age, sex, income, place of residence. Homes are often perceived as safe places, but unfortunately they are the places where 80% of accidents occur. In Europe alone, over 300 million people suffer from accidents at home each year, of which more than 7,000 are fatal.

Falls are the most common accidents that occur in the home and cause serious injury regardless of age, although the risk is greater in the elderly.

First Aid Training aims to educate people about the dangers and causes of domestic accidents, raise their awareness of taking measures and activities to prevent dangers and respecting safety rules, and how and what they should undertake or act in the case of an injury.

The first aid skills should be available to everyone as a humanitarian act that empowers people to save lives and help recover from suddenly illnesses or injuries. For these reasons, the Macedonian Red Cross advocates that at least one member of each family should be educated and trained to provide first aid, therefore we encourage you to visit one of our first aid training.

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