March 22, 2021

Conducted course for first aid lecturers and demonstrators for candidates for drivers

On 20-21.03.2021 the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia held the second course for 2021 for demonstrators and lecturers for first aid courses for motor vehicle drivers.

The training was conducted in the premises of the Red Cross of RNM, in strictly controlled conditions in accordance with the protocol for conducting trainings and courses prescribed by the Government of RNM. All participants were provided with protective masks and hand sanitizers and before the start of the training the body temperature of the attendees was measured and a mandatory completion of an epidemiological survey form.

The training was attended by a total of 16 candidates from 7 Red Cross branches (Red Cross Branch Resen, Red Cross Branch Kumanovo, Red Cross Branch Berovo, Red Cross Branch Kichevo, Red Cross Branch Tetovo, Red Cross Branch Gostivar and Red Cross Branch Bitola) and the City Red Cross of Skopje, of which 12 candidates for lecturers and 4 candidates for demonstrators.

With these trainings, the Red Cross of RNM aims to create new resources of quality lecturers and demonstrators who will properly and appropriately transfer their knowledge in the field of first aid to candidates for motor vehicle drivers.

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