August 14, 2017

“Creating opportunities for new employment of women”

Within the project “Creating opportunities for new employment of women”, the process of selection of home helpers for old and disabled people was finalized, during months May and June 2017.

Over fifty candidates were included in the selection process, which was consisted of a short interview and fulfillment of sociological and psychological questionnaire. The desire for professional strengthening and the interest in this profession motivated our candidates to attend the interview.

In the same period, a team of three experts created the Training Program for Care Assistants of elderly and helpless, which was verified by the Educational Center for Adults.  A simple training Manual for home helpers was developed, which will serve as a guide in providing home help services for elderly. Candidates who will successfully complete the training will gain a certificate that is recognized in the Republic of Macedonia.

During July, the team of psychologist and two social workers, had meeting with representatives from the three Daily centres for elderly people in Skopje and the Association of Pensioners  in order to provide information about the potential home care candidates.

Additionally, a meeting was held with patrol medical nurses from the PU Health Centre – Skopje, who gave suggestions about potential elderly who need home care assistance.

      The project “Creating opportunities for new employment of women” was implemented by the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia in partnership with the Association Humanost, Skopje and the Austrian Red Cross and it is financed by the European Union within the Operational Program for Human Resources Development 2007 -2013 (IPA component 4).

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