April 16, 2020


Allow me first of all to express gratitude to the Red Cross Branches and City Red Cross of Skopje for their commitment, motivation and sacrifice in these difficult times for our country. In these moments, your will and desire to provide services and to help the most vulnerable categories of citizens is especially important without expecting special recognition or emphasis on what you are doing.

In this regard, I would like to single out and thank our volunteers who visit every day over hundreds of our fellow citizens bringing them food and medicine in their homes. Their work has no price and is a real value for our society. They show without any prejudice that solidarity is not lost. They restore the belief that not everything is lost, and that humanity exists. I’m thrilled with what you’re doing.

I just want to ask you to keep on with the hard work because this situation will probably take some time. I know it’s not easy, but this is solidarity at its best. Just keep going.

Gratitude also to our blood donors who have provided enough quantities of blood these days so our health system can keep on functioning. I would like to thank all our collaborators, the corporate sector, the institutions of the system that in this period support us to be more successful, more efficient so we can reach further.

These days, the world, as well as our country, has changed completely, and we have changed ourselves. We have become more responsible, and we need to stay that way so that we can get back to our previous lives as soon as possible. We must continue to be responsible and follow the recommendations of the health authorities and the decisions of our Government.

Once again a huge gratitude to all. I know it will be difficult in the coming period, but we need to continue our engagement. This is the only way we can set an example for all of us when we have a hard time. We should continue to be a shining example in our society.

We will send the upcoming Easter messages on the occasion of the victory over death from our homes, by phone, over the Internet, to each of our families, from our own home, and not in company of our relatives and guests. It will not make us weaker believers, but on the contrary, it will strengthen our spirit, which we all know saves lives. Our lives depend on the behavior of all of us. None of us has the right to endanger someone else’s life. And we will not endanger our lives at this moment only if we stay at home. Let us all unite and stop the evil that has threatened the whole of society.

I congratulate all the believers of the Orthodox Christian faith on the upcoming Easter holidays and above all I wish you good health, patience and peace in the family.


Your sincerely,

PhD. Sait Saiti

Secretary General

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