September 11, 2018

Educative workshop with the citizens for the human rights of the elderly

The Macedonian Red Cross in cooperation with the organization Humanost as partners in the Regional project “Taking action for social inclusion of the elderly” financed by the European Union, will organize educative workshops with the citizens, most precisely with the elderly from our community during the months of September and October 2018. The main goal is that through these workshops we encourage the elderly to develop their skills, enhance their knowledge and to become motivated to fight social exclusion and isolation and to participate in the cultural, political and social activities in their local communities, and to advocate different relevant topics for the improvement of the quality of their lives.

Within the framework of the workshops, members of the InkluzivaM – civil societies, who will contribute to the social inclusion of the elderly through their programs, will also be included. In the workshops, a total of 1000 citizens will participate, including the elderly from Skopje, Kriva Palanka, Kumanovo, Bitola, Prilep, Struga, Ohrid, Gostivar, Veles, Kicevo, Radovish, Negotino, Vinica, Makedonska Kamenica and Pehcevo.

The first workshops were held on the 9th and 10th of September of 2018 in Kriva Palanka and Kumanovo, where more than 140 citizens have participated and have expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to be informed about their human rights, and for their inclusion and impact in the decision making process for the implementation of their rights.

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