October 18, 2021

European Anti-trafficking Day (18 October)

Trafficking in human beings is a serious social problem and is the most serious form of violation of basic human rights – the right to life, freedom of movement, freedom of choice and other rights and freedoms. Trafficking in human beings is a problem that requires a common approach to its suppression and joint efforts by the relevant institutions. The Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia as a member of the Secretariat of the National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and Illegal Migration through the implementation of preventive activities contributes to the fight against this global problem that is reflected in our country.

In that regard, the Red Cross of RNM this year as well is involved in the activities for marking European Anti-trafficking Day (18 October) by organizing preventive activities for peer education of the young population through the Red Cross of Skopje and Red Cross branches. The preventive lessons are aimed at raising the awareness of young people, recognizing the ways in which they can be involved in human trafficking and their self-protection.

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