July 3, 2017

First Aid Education for students from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Skopje

The Macedonian Red Cross is the leader in education for prevention, preparation and response in an appropriate life-threatening situations, offering its services to the population in order to massively empower them and build safer and healthier communities. Through this program, the Macedonian Red Cross is trying to contribute to saving human lives and strengthening the communities – bringing hope and security along with practical skills.

At the request of the Research Society of Biology Students – IDSB, a Demonstrator / Paramedic of the Macedonian Red Cross, on June 29, 2017, conducted an educative lecture on first aid to 10 students. The purpose of the educational lecture was to empower students and raise their awareness of the importance of first aid with particular emphasis on injuries that may occur during their research field activities. The educational lecture through interactive methods included screening of fractures, bleeds, snake bites, animals, sunburns, hypothermia, unconsciousness, resuscitation, etc.

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