July 16, 2019

Free First Aid Campaign

The Macedonian Red Cross held a press conference on July 11, 2019 at 10:30 am in the open space after the underpass the Alexander Palace (next to the Balkanika restaurant) in order to promote a campaign with the motto “Your ignorance costs life”.

Considering that during summer holydays and the extreme weather conditions, the number of road accidents increases, Macedonian Red Cross decided to conduct a campaign starting from July 15, where all drivers who already have a first aid certificate can freely refresh their knowledge.

The press conference began with the live video simulation, and then the Macedonian Red Cross Secretary General, Sait Saiti, explained the goals of a free summer campaign to refresh first aid knowledge of existing drivers. The goal is to refresh the knowledge of drivers, to increase public awareness about the need to provide first aid in traffic in case of an accident and to influence decision makers in the country for the needs of improving the quality and knowledge of first aid in everyday living with a special emphasis on drivers.

Also, the brand ambassadors of the campaign Katarina Ivanovska, a famous model and Anita Latifi, a famous tv host, invited drivers to visit the free refreshment courses for drivers in 33 Red Cross branches, which will include 8000 drivers in total.

The conference was attended by the President of the Red Cross, the director of PHI Health Center Skopje, the director of ITM, RSBSP, MOI, celebrities, collaborators and volunteers.

“Your ignorance costs life”

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