December 15, 2020

“Happiness plus”

The State Lottery and the Red Cross are launching a joint humanitarian action to support vulnerable categories in combatting Covid-19. In anticipation of the upcoming New Year holidays, give instant lottery tickets “Eco Scooter” in the package “Happiness Plus” and join the circle of happiness and solidarity. In the winter period, the most powerless people need vitamins and supplements to combat Covid-19. 10% of the raised funds raised from this action will be used for this purpose.

The package “Happiness Plus” with instant lottery tickets “Eco Scooter” contains 6 instant lottery tickets and can be found at all points of sale of the State Lottery throughout our country. The companies can place an order on: 02 32 77 77 and on, and thus donate happiness to their employees and associates.

Give happiness and be humane.

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