June 14, 2023

June 14, World Blood Donor Day

The World Blood Donor Day is celebrated around the world on June 14 every year. On this day in 1868, Karl Landsteiner was born – a distinguished physician, biologist and biochemist who discovered blood groups and the Rhesus factor of blood groups.  The World Blood Donor Day is celebrated in his honor.

The World Blood Donor Day is being celebrated this year under the motto “Donate blood, donate plasma, share life, share often” The aim is to raise public awareness on the provision of support for patients in need of life-long blood support as well as the role of each individual who gives the most valuable gift – blood or blood plasma.

Blood donation in the Republic of North Macedonia is based on the principles of voluntariness, anonymity, free of charge and solidarity. Only such principles ensure safer blood and blood products. By donating blood itself, the blood donor expresses the highest degree of solidarity with all those who need it, regardless of age, gender, race, color, national and religious affiliation. There is no more humane and noble act than the voluntary donation of blood and saving human life.


Dear blood donors,

Your humanity and willingness to donate blood saves many lives and makes our social environment safer. You are an example of people who all their lives nurture and promote solidarity by sharing a part of yourself for the better health and happiness of other people who need support. We are proud that blood donors are a recognizable symbol of the Red Cross. We are glad that blood donors share our values and principles. Sincere thanks for all your humanitarian deeds, for every blood donation, for every drop of blood that inspires hope, provides help – gives birth to a new life.

We wish you good health, donate blood, donate plasma, share life, and share often.

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