April 8, 2022

Marking the Week of Hygiene

In accordance with the calendar of traditional activities, the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia will mark the Week of Hygiene, under the motto “Hygiene – personal obligation for collective health” in the period from 08 to 15 April 2022.

The promotion of hygiene is a basic part of the water and sanitation activities of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. The aim is to raise public health awareness and prevent diseases associated with poor hygiene practices. Data from the World Health Organization show that 1.7 million deaths a year are attributed to unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene.

In order to jointly contribute to raising public awareness on the importance of proper and regular hygiene among the young population during COVID-19, the Red Cross branches and the City Red Cross of Skopje will share information on the social networks and organize educational workshops and lectures to promote hygiene among children and primary and secondary school teachers.

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