June 23, 2022

Мeeting with the orienteers of the Red Cross RNM

The Red Cross of RNM conducted a meeting with the orienters of the national society on 23.06.2022. The meeting was held in the Red Cross of the RNM HQ and was attended by 16 orienteers from the Red Cross Branches and the Red Cross of the City of Skopje. They had the opportunity to get acquainted with the process of Transformations-28, the new model for membership in the Red Cross and the Volunteering Model in our organization which are part of the process of the organizational change that will be implemented in the coming period.

Among the topics, we discussed the activities of the Red Cross orienteers in 2022 and the upcoming activities of the orienteers who work on presenting the work and activities of our organization to interested citizens in local communities in order to raise public awareness on the importance and the role of the Red Cross, and Involvement of new members and volunteers at the local level in the activities of the Red Cross intended to meet some of the needs of the priority categories of the population in the local communities.

Orienters make a special contribution to our better local representation in front of interested audiences so we can reach more of our fellow citizens, to introduce them to our work and to invite them to join us in the humanitarian mission of the Red Cross.

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