May 4, 2020


Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov visited the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia. Minister Dimitrov was received by the Secretary General of the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia, Sait Saiti. He informed the Minister about the activities carried out in connection with Covid 19.

On the occasion of marking April 29 – the Day of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Minister Dimitrov emphasized:

“The Day of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – April 29 is an occasion for reaffirmation of our mission in this period – continuous assistance to Macedonian citizens, but also to many of our institutions, through transport organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which enabled distribution of more than 100,000 protective masks.

Part of them is today’s Chinese donation of 10,400 protective masks and 1000 visors whose transport we organized from Beijing to Skopje. Assistance that will be distributed through the Red Cross of North Macedonia wherever needed.

Today we pay tribute to our fellow citizens who are most directly involved in the fight against the global burden, as well as to the diplomats who successfully cope with the challenges in their work by serving their citizens.

This year, the honor for the title “Diplomat of the Year” undoubtedly goes to the  diplomats from the crisis headquarters of the Ministry. Congratulations to them and congratulations on our MFA Day. “

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