November 27, 2017

The new facility opened in the Training Center Solferino – Struga

On November 22, there was ceremonial opening of the new facility within the Training Center Solferino-Struga. The event was opened by the Secretary General of the Macedonian Red Cross, Mr. Sait Saiti, who pointed out that the construction of the same is aimed for expanding the accommodation capacities of the existing facility, and the support in the construction of the same was obtained from the International Federation of Red Cros and Red Crescent societies, ProCredit Bank and several National Red Cross Societies within the emergency appeal for the migrant crisis.

At the event present were representatives of the Red Cross of Montenegro, the Bulgarian Red Cross, Albanian Red Cross, the Red Cross of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Red Cross of Kosovo, the Turkish Red Crescent, German Red Cross, International Federation of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent societies, donors, employees and supporters of the Red Cross.

Within this visit, a working meeting was held with the representatives of the delegations, where the video of the Macedonian Red Cross and a part of the programs implemented through the City Red Cross of Skopje. Also discussed were the possibilities for cooperation in the region, promotion of joint activities and learning from good practices in the work of national societies.

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