July 17, 2018

Official certification for 92 personal assistants

Within the framework of the program “Personal assistance to persons with disabilities”, on 16.07.2018, in the premises of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia,  of 92 personal assistants were awarded with certificates by the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia.

In the first phase, the program was implemented in 7 cities in the country through the Red Cross branches of Kumanovo, Gostivar, Struga, Bitola, Negotino, Strumica and the Red Cross of Skopje. All candidates who attended the training in the past two months successfully passed the final exam and obtained a state recognized certificate.

 The event was opened by Minister of Labor and Social Policy Mila Carova, who had her introductory speech, and then  the attendees were addressed by the  Secretary of the Red Cross of the City of Skopje, Suzana Tuneva Paunovska addressed to attendees , as well as the Director of the Employment Agency of the Republic of Macedonia. Speech was also held by a personal assistant, sharing his experience in the part of the training, as well as the need for personal assistance, and his presentation also speech  had a user of the personal assistance service

. The program “Personal assistance to persons with disabilities” aims to help persons with disabilities achieve greater independence and  fulfill their rights. Personal assistance is based on the fact that persons with disabilities should have equal rights as everyone else and should provide freedom of choice and independent management of personal life. In the next phase, mergers between users and personal assistants are planned, as well as the launch of the implementation of the personal assistance service.

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