April 28, 2023

Partnership meeting of national societies involved in operations in Ukraine and affected countries

In the period 19-20.04.2023, a partnership meeting was held in Budapest, Hungary  with the national societies involved in the operations in Ukraine and in the affected countries with activities to support the displaced population from Ukraine. The purpose of the meeting was to present the achievements of the operations so far in the area of program activities, coordination and mobilization of resources, to encourage a transparent and positive exchange of information between partners to identify challenges and solutions and strengthen coordination and follow-up, and to discuss long-term ambitions and commitments for further support involvement.

During the sessions, all fields of action in the operations in the past 14 months were presented in detail as well as priorities and recommendations for improvement. In addition to the activities for direct assistance to the population, the impact that the overall situation has on the work of the National Societies and the opportunities for development was also analyzed. Through a set of workshops in groups, opportunities were identified for upgrading the capacities and mechanisms in the Movement for human resource management, mobilizing funds and developing sustainable services for the vulnerable population.

The National Societies present with human resources and delegates in Ukraine had special sessions to strengthen coordination and unified planning of future steps in order to respond more efficiently and reach more target groups with current operations.

Parallel to the partnership meeting, a meeting was held on medium and long-term planning of support for displaced persons from Ukraine.

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