January 22, 2018

PHV cycle started for 2018

On January 16 and 17, workshops were held for people who were selected by their Red Cross branches for disseminators in the PHV cycle 2018. The one-day training was intended to introduce the program’s disseminators, to be trained to hold workshops for dissemination and documentation, as well as to be informed about the timeframe, the manner of promotion of small projects and the motivation of the young people who will be part of this year program. A total of 34 disseminators from 26 Red Cross Branches have been trained, plus one disseminator from the Youth Club in Shuto Orizari and one from the International schools NOVA.

This year the program will train young people aged 13 to 17 years, 30 young people in each Red Cross Branch who have applied this year to participate in the program or a total of 900 youth. Until February 23, all trainings should be completed, and then young people will have time until April 20 to develop their projects that this year should be in the direction of community care, promotion of human values ​​and social humanitarian activities.

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