February 20, 2017

PHV trainings continue

After finishing the first PHV trainings by the trained disseminators there were second trainings for the youth in each Red Cross Branch. PHV team of 30 instructors in period of three weeks has conducted 40 workshops for creation of small projects. In the frames of this trainings youth on age 13-17 have been made aware for the problems in their communities and it was offered a tool for total or partial solution. In the period of 2 months until 20th of April there will be implemented small projects, divided in small teams of 5 they will act on field. There will be opportunities to explore to communicate with beneficiaries, to see upon their needs, to think of the activities that they need to implement to achieve the goal. For the entire time they will face problems and they will try to find solutions with the support of the team, of the responsible disseminator and with the support of the management of the Red Cross Branch.

Last year there were implemented 184 small projects that have helped in total 3790 persons.

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